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Appropriately trotting into theaters just in time for the change of seasons during the waning days of this year’s cherry blossoms is the new fantasy-drama Spring, Again. Featuring youth stars LEE Chung-ah and HONG Jong-hyun, the film is the latest melodrama from Never Ending Story (2012) director JUNG Yong-ju and follows in the footsteps of a long and illustrious line of time-slip dramas.
Billed as a ‘time rewind movie’ and based on a webtoon, Spring, Again followed Eun-jo (LEE Chung-ah), a mother whose life falls apart following the death of her precious daughter. But one day, rather than tomorrow, she wakes up yesterday and now her life begins to proceed in reverse, soon reuniting her with her lost daughter and then beyond. During her backwards journey she meets Ho-min (HONG Jong-hyun), a young man who may hold the key to her fantastical back-wards journey through time.
Spring, Again is the latest Korean title in the popular time slip genre, which includes such contemporary classics as Ditto (2000) and Il Mare (2000), as well as more recent works such as Will You Be There? (2016) or the thriller A Day (2017).
Leading actress LEE is known for her roles in JANG Sun-woo’s Resurrection Of The Little Match Girl (2002) and Romance Of Their Own(2004), while HONG Jong-hyun is known for his TV work and the fantasy indie Alice: Boy from Wonderland (2015).
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