Refuting Daniel’s allegations, LM planning to file lawsuit against him

LM declared that they will take legal action follwing, Daniel had exposing the company's unlawfully stolen treaty and the unjust ways the business made.

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In response to that, the representative of LM, Lee Moon Hee, said “The ‘contract signed by LM Entertainment and a 3rd party’ attached to the official press release by Kang Daniel was not signed through us (LM Entertainment or the legal firm). We will take appropriate measure as it is sufficient to regard as a legal issue.”

He also stated that Kang Daniel had only extracted a portion of the content that was beneficial for him. According to Kim, the end of the contract stated, “LM Entertainment will possess rights of the exclusive contract and will exclusively exercise them.

In regard to the “music content production/distribution rights, concert/overseas business rights and bargaining rights of entertainment activities” that was stated in Kang Daniel’s statement, Kim explained that they were generally exercised in the industry. And while Kang Daniel claims that he did not give his consent, LM Entertainment argues that he was aware of the contract between LM Entertainment and MMO Entertainment.

“(The rights) are generally exercised in the industry. Kang Daniel claims that we did not receive his consent, but Kang Daniel was sufficiently aware of LM Entertainment and MMO Entertainment’s contract. We have evidence to prove this as well.”

Kim’s concluding  proclamation was that an official statement will soon be broadcasted as a  response to Kang Daniel’s testimonial.

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