Juror 8

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2019 | 113 MIN | Drama
CAST MOON So-ri, PARK Hyung-sik, PAIK Soo-jang, KIM Mi-kyung
RELEASE DATE May 15, 2019
CONTACT M-Line Entertainment

After the success of Innocent Witness earlier this year, a new court story makes its way into theaters this week with Juror 8, a based-on-a-true-story account of Korea’s first ever trial by jury. From debut director HONG Seung-wan, the film is headlined by MOON So-ri and PARK Hyung-sik.

In 2008, Korea staged its first ever trial by jury. This landmark event in Korean judicial history received massive media attention at the time as eight jurors were randomly called up to determine a case of matricide. While the judge awaits an expected guilty verdict, owing to the massive corroborative evidence in the case, this jury begins to raise questions that had until then never been heard in a Korean court before. Among these jurors, the tenacious young man Nam-woo begins to play a larger role.

Juror 8 sees acclaimed star MOON So-ri return to commercial cinema in a leading role after several independent projects, such as ZHANG Lu’s Ode to the Goose (2018) as well as her directorial debut The Running Actress (2017). The courtroom drama will mark the big screen debut of ZE:A member PARK Hyung-sik, already a major presence in TV series.

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